Photo Blog

Susan Bestul

Susan Bestul is an award-winning photographer and accomplished professional musician. She began her career as a photographer a few years ago when her sister gifted her a used Nikon camera. Susan spent that first year taking classes and snapping photographs whenever she had the opportunity. She’s since gone on to have her work featured in a variety of different venues including the Cleveland Art Museum.

Susan believes in the power of photography, in its ability to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary and the profound in the mundane. The camera allows her to see the hidden moments in life that would otherwise remain unseen. Inspiration comes in many forms and she likes to be fully present to capture that glancing look or subtle smile before it disappears.

When she’s not shooting photos, Susan is a cellist with the Cleveland Pops. In her free time she enjoys traveling, yoga, taking hikes in the woods and spending time with her friends and family.

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